Commonwealth Fellowship Scheme for 3 month visit to UoB

The Commonwealth Fellowship Scheme is an exciting opportunity for early career researchers from commonwealth countries to spend up to three months in Birmingham between September 2022 -July 2023 carrying out identified research projects. This opportunity arises from the university’s official partnership with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games due to take place summer 2022.  

The fellowship scheme aims to: 

  • support the professional development of early career researchers at universities in commonwealth countries 
  • allow visiting fellows to gain experience of how research is conducted at the University of Birmingham  
  • promote research collaboration between leading groups in Birmingham and commonwealth countries through projects undertaken initially in the UK 
  • build long-lasting partnerships and collaboration between the University of Birmingham and institutions in commonwealth countries  

This scheme is open to nationals of countries within the Commonwealth. Full details on eligibility and the application timeline can be found here:

Applications within the broad areas of Health and Life Sciences, Energy and Environmental Sustainability, and Global Challenges are particularly encouraged in this scheme. Within this context, candidates can suggest their own research topics, but I would particularly welcome innovative applications that focus on any of the following:

  • Monitoring indicators, particularly for capturing issues relating to the quality of energy supply, frequency of power outages, and range of household energy needs;
  • Participatory research methods, including the use of Community Research Advisory Groups/Citizen Panels, and digital tools for participation;
  • The relationship between energy poverty and adverse health, wellbeing, educational and/or economic outcomes;
  • Integration of energy systems resilience, energy vulnerability, and energy solidarity, in line with a new GCRF project that is hosted at the University of Birmingham;
  • Policy synergies and conflicts between addressing energy poverty, and related topics such as climate change, air quality, and urban development.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact me to discuss this opportunity:

Closing date 26th June 2022

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